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(Canadian) "VOICES ACROSS BOUNDARIES: A Multifaith Review of Current Affairs "
www.acrossboundaries.net 416-850-3598 voices@acrossboundaries.net
"A new Canadian multifaith magazine treating public events from a faith perspective and matters of faith in an accessible manner. In each issue of VOICES, people representing a variety of faith stances share their insights into social, cultural, ethical and spiritual questions. VOICES publishes essays, commentary, reviews, art, fiction, poetry, photography and creative nonfiction. Each issue will have a theme section.”
(Canadian) "VOX FEMINARUM: THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF FEMINIST SPIRITUALITY" Newly resuscitated by the Across Boundaries Multifaith Institute. www.acrossboundaries.net vox@acrossboundaries.net ; 416-850-3598
Volume 3 (4 issues) $25.
"Founded by a talented and courageous group of Canadian women in 1996, presents a multifaith forum for feminist analysis, spiritual autobiography, creative expression and much more."
(U.K./U.S.) "INTERRELIGIOUS INSIGHT: A Journal of Dialogue and Engagement." Quarterly. US$35 individuals, US$60 institutions. First issue: January 2003. www.interreligiousinsight.org cetta@seachanges.net , 847-234-8047
"It represents a new publishing endeavour at a time of profound transition in global relationships. A shared venture between three interfaith groups, [the World Congress of Faiths (Oxford, UK), Common Ground (a Chicago-based interreligious study center) and the new Interreligious Engagement Project (US)]. It aims to transcend narrow interests by providing a platform for reflecting with passion on many of the critical issues facing our world. The name has been chosen with great care in order to mirror an emerging task. Given that they have traditionally acted as overarching worldviews, the religions have long been accustomed to thinking of themselves as self-sufficient, each tradition happily supplying its own separate vision of sacred truth. That era has now passed. It is the space between convictions that commands more and more of our attention. Maintained separately, the religions generate particular insights and wisdom, some having been shaped by long histories of cherished memory and some springing from more recent history. Yet in a world where the religions jostle together, often clash and sometimes cooperate, we are learning that the space between convictions is also a space with its own challenging insight. Put differently: in sight of one another we seek new ways of pursuing 'interreligious' wisdom; and one might hope that the dawn of interreligious harmony is now in sight....
"Interreligious Insight" aims to embody a new mood. The argument for mutuality and interaction between varying religious voices has been largely won. Dialogue and Engagement have begun, but we are still in the foothills of the ascent. It is our hope that this journal will both assist in the exploration of the mountain-slopes and communicate something of the wonders that will be glimpsed. Its pages will provide opportunities for hearing varying voices - voices crossing spiritualities, spanning generations and embracing practitioners from many different contexts around the world. We are all invited to share this moment of global transition."


The Spring 2005 issue of Crosscurrents is devoted to the topic of Interfaith work. Some of the articles are available online, including Inclusiveness and Justice: The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Interfaith Work by Eboo Patel, Overcoming Religiously Motivated Violence by Imam A. Rashied Omar, and an article by Managing Director Grove Harris, "Pagan Involvement in the Interfaith Movement."
Published by Columbia University, N.Y., N.Y.
“More than just a magazine ... CrossCurrents is a global network for people of faith and intelligence who are committed to connecting the wisdom of the heart and the life of the mind. In print, online and in real time, we bring people together across lines of difference. We invite you to share in the conversation as we reflect upon those "crosscurrents" that thoughtful people everywhere are encountering in the opening years of the millennium.”
There are now several ways to sample the magazine online. First, the table of contents for the current issue is always available with links to several articles. Second, a list of all full text articles available online. Third, a list of outstanding back issues available free with your paid subscription. A table of contents and sample articles from each of these volumes are available to whet your appetite for more. Finally, special collections of articles organized around particular themes, now including, Religion and Violence, Nature As Thou, Returning to Scripture, Education of the Heart, and Sophia's Sisters.

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